ABOUT Mi Vida Loca Farm

I have been involved with horses since I was 10 years old when I fell in love with my uncle’s double-dilute filly. After that, horses were my passion. As time went by, several changes in my life led me to name my farm "Mi Vida Loca Farms".

Over the years I have been involved in many horse breeds… from mustangs to Welsh Cobs, and Quarter Horses. My first foal was the result of my breeding my Warmblood/AQHA mare to a fabulous Section A Welsh stallion. My future husband helped me deliver the sweetest little filly, the night of a full moon in May, leading us to name her “Maya’s Moon Beam”. That night began my journey to breeding better and better horses.

Then, I discovered Lusitanos!

I have always had a longing for horses from the Iberian Peninsula. For years, my dear friend (art pictured) Angela Hartsog (an amazing artist) worked with numerous horse breeds… but so many seemed to develop lameness issues when asked to begin collection work. I was searching for a breed that would not only compete in dressage-type disciplines, but that were also hardy enough to endure ranch work and other activities outside the arena. One day, I stumbled across a video of Merlin; a bullfighting horse. He took my breath away with his presence and agility and athletic ability. Merlin was a Lusitano. My interest in the breed was piqued and I couldn’t help but wonder at what else Lusitano’s could do outside of the traditional arena while maintaining soundness.

Angela Hartsog
Ikarus Asmohr...

One day I was exploring the internet and I found a video of two perlino Lusitano colts located in New York. I reached out to the owner and planned a road trip to NY to meet the woman I would soon begin to think of as my "soul sister"; Sharon Mohr of ASMOHR Stables. Sharon’s stable was full of beautiful Lusitano’s! I fell in love with a buckskin mare; Avela Do Pentagono (pictured). Avela was in foal, and I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. I begged Sharon to sell me the foal. She informed me that if the foal was a colt, she’d sell him to me. A few months later Avila gave birth to the most incredible perlino colt, Ikarus ASMOHR, which I somehow managed to hide from my husband for close to a year!

Then, came the mother mares...

My first mare, Pizpireta, came from Ramona DeJong. “Piz” lost her first foal, but I consider myself fortunate in that I was able to purchase her 2013 filly, Itala KD, from Ramona. Again, I managed to keep this a secret from my husband, Rob, until the week before she arrived at our farm.

On another day wandering the internet, I discovered an incredible international-level dressage stallion; Dragao Figueiras (pictured). He was magnificent! This big grey Lusitano stallion was not only breathtaking to watch, incredibly athletic, and just gorgeous... he was also Oldenburg Approved, which told me much about his conformation and physical capabilities. I fell in love and began my search for a daughter by Dragao Figueiras. Eventually I found a breeder in Belgium who had a lovely 2-year-old filly for sale by Dragao. My love affair extended to this filly, and I shortly found myself to be the excited importer of Meiga Do Laur.

Our future...

In the following years, I have been able to purchase two fillies from Sharon Mohr, Lizeria ASM and Luna Forza ASM, and I have high hopes that these mares will become the future foundation of my breeding program. My goal has always been to produce true-to-type APLS offspring that are capable to fulfilling any competitive goals their further owners would dream of.

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