About Our Timeline Page

We are incredibly proud of the foals we've produced by Ikarus Asmohr (AKA "Eros")! We have been so fortuante in the homes our precious babies have ended up in.

This page celebrates all those amazingly talented and loving foals we've produced and sold, as well as a few images thrown in of our dear Eros. If you have a foal by Ikarus, and would like to see your horse pictured on this page, please forward those pictures and accomlishments to us! If you want to send them to our webmaster, she'll be sure to format them and include them on the page!


April 2023

N'dependence, owned by Kelly Minor

Shared with us by Kelly: "I’m so incredibly proud of this horse. This weekend we rode down the show centerline for the first time! My young horse Indy settled right in and did everything I could have asked of him and more with scores of 64.8% and 64.4% his very first time out with several 8 marks on movements! The Arizona Dressage Association Spring Celebration show was an absolute blast and I’m so lucky to have such a supportive team. I’m SO excited for what’s to come!" (Indy is a buckskin gelding by Ikarus ASM and out of our Pizpireta) Photos by Kari Hauch

August 2022

Olivia (2018 Warlander mare by Ikarus and out of Femka)

Olivia, owned by Tamsen Snyder, is certainly maturing very nicely! What a beautiful mare1!!

September 2018

Ikarus ASM

Ikarus ASMohr and I did a clinic lesson with Cari Swanson FANTASTIC loved every minute

August 2018

Ikarus ASM

Pictures are compliment of Sharon from Manely Hair. This has been a fantastic weekend. Ikarus and me

September 2017

"Pony Rides" on Ikarus!

Ikarus ASM pictured with 8 year old Jayden. Such a good boy! How many 4-year-old colts make sweet "ponies" for an 8 year-old litle girl? This is just one more reason "Eros" is our "heart horse"!

September 2017

WOOHOO!!! APSL Inspection!

Ikarus ASM at the 2017 APSL inspection. Approved for breeding with the APSL with a score of 74.5!!!!!

July 2017

Our First Purebred PSL Foal By Ikarus!

Welcome to the world, N'dependence! Buckskin colt by Ikarus and out of Pizpireta

August 2015

Our First Horse Show With Ikarus

Ikarus did so great at his first show! IALHA ERAHC Best Movement!!! Plus, IALHA ERAHC Res. Champion Colt! It's a true testament to this breed that an owner/amateur handler could do so well with a young colt at his first show. Ilarus is such a gentleman!

August 2013

Welcome to the world, baby Ikarus!

Ikarus Asmohr enters the world... and our world is changed forever! A HUGE thank you to Sharon Mohr for allowing us to purchase this incredible colt from her. Ikarus is by Lusiades and out of Avela.

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